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Pepper Spray for Self-Defense and Family Home Security

Pepper Sprays are regarded as among the most famous and effective self-defense products to be found in the marketplace now. They may be non-fatal, easily used by almost everyone and can supply rapid and effective shield against an assault. 

You may buy Guard Dog Pepper Sprays in all shapes and sizes. To understand the usage of pepper spray, it will be helpful to have an awareness of the product itself. Originally defensive sprays were made of manmade chemical irritants like CS (orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile), CN (alphachloroacetaphenone) or tear gas. 

This resulted in:

  • Tearing of the eyes and
  • Stinging pain of the eyes, nose and throat

Unfortunately, they were also regarded as unreliable for general use.

They had several important drawbacks that could result in complete failure. If used on a man high on medications, drunk, experiencing specific types of behaviour that is psychotic or otherwise being unable to respond to pain, it was possible that these sprays would have no effect on the assailant whatsoever!

It took them almost 30sec to take effect. When involved in an attack even a couple of seconds would look like forever. And when you were coping with one of those individuals the spray would finally have no effect on... well, you're in trouble!

Additionally, there have been reports of health problems linked to the use of CN and CS. The effects from using these sprays take more time to wear off and the deposit can survive for days. 

There have been reports of toxic reactions, long term skin problems and both these substances are identified as possible carcinogens. Luckily, an option was provided by Mother Nature. 

OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) has turned out to be far more effective than either CS or CN alone and ought to be the only defensive spray considered for personal self-defense. OC is an all-natural compound derived from various hot pepper plants and, as such, is responsible for the now commonly used name of pepper spray.

There are several products that mix OC with CN or CS which will have some edges in accordance with their makers but have not been revealed to be superior to OC only formulations. What makes OC so powerful is that it is an inflammatory agent instead of an irritant. When someone is sprayed with OC, the effects are strong and instant.

First, the inflammatory character of OC causes the assailant's eyes to clamp shut, making it difficult if not impossible to open the eyes. In the meantime, OC works to dilate the capillaries of the eyes causing temporary blindness in case the assailant manages to open their eyes.

The assailant will experience intense, uncontrollable coughing due to the effects OC has on the tissues of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs as OC also inhibits the respiratory system.

These effects are strong enough that an assailant will frequently double over and fall to the earth enabling the opportunity to escape to the victim.

These effects are totally debilitating and OC is effective on individuals immune to chemical irritant sprays as previously mentioned. You may click here to read more on pepper spray and its uses. OC pepper sprays are available in an assortment of products and concentrations. 

Pepper Sprays are usually created in mist steam or fog sort sprays. In a technical sense, foggers are the most effective. The fog will hang in the air for several minutes creating a barrier that allows the victim to escape. Foggers are also the most effective products for use in the dwelling due to this barrier creating attribute.